All items can be shipped to New York (LuxySource 529 5th Avenue, Suite 1700 New York, NY 10017) or Miami (WatchFacts 169 E Flagler St Suite 1518 Miami, FL 33131) We will provide shipping label and insure the package for free!

Sercure Hang Tags (Watchfacts Hang tags) upon request please email us for more details.


3A`s: Accuracy | Authentication | Authorize

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WatchFacts | The Real Authentication | Certilogo 

LuxySource Partners with The Best in Class Certification & Authenticators in The Luxury Selling Market!

Avoid Fraud with Our Services to Authenticate & Secure Your Products during the Lifecycle of the sales transaction. We help protect the seller and the buyer equally. 

  • WatchFacts services includes but not limited to selling on Amazon Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Watch category and coming soon Certified Jewelry across WF partner platforms (Dealers/Sellers must become WF Certified), Certification Reports, Watch Repair, Theft Check and much more. Visit them @
  • Certilogo services include an additional layer of fraud prevention via purchasing WF\Certilogo hang tags for procurements processes such as shipping & handling and returns. If the hang tag is cut or removed, the return policy for customer is voided immediately upon dealer\seller inspection of the returned item. visit them @
  • The Real Authentication, ensures branded luxury goods, such as watches, jewelry, hand bags and accessories are truly brand authentic virtaully via photography
Price at check out is $99.99 for WatchFacts Certification & Reporting, all other services showcased here, please contact us @