Photography Valet

(Perfect your product photos for E-commerce Sales)

LuxySource has a dedicated team for photography retouching services. We focus on jewelry, watch, sun glasses, luxury handbags and accessories retouching for our Standard and Luxury subscribers, our basic subscribers simply pay $1.00 per photo. Our narrow focus retouching only allows us to deliver high quality images in shorter turnaround time (usually less than 24-48 hours) and offer much lower prices for great quality of work due to high volume of images we work on. Our most experienced retouchers have more than 20 years experience working with Photoshop and retouching all types of products. We process hundreds of images on a daily basis - retouched, re-sized and delivered to you ready to go live in your web store, catalog, and any platform photography requirements (Amazon, eBay etc...)

We are here to help you create awesome buying experience for your customers. How do we do it? With our experienced team we use time proven photo editing techniques to clean and enhance your photos to impress your buyers.

Our Service Level Agreement is 24-48hrs. Each vendor that subscribes to Standard or Luxury plans will have unlimited monthly photo retouching services. Basic Subscribers will be charged $1.00 per photo. In addition Standard and Luxury subscribers will have a dedicated retoucher they can communicate and speak with via Skype directly for any updates, edits or changes needed before your image is perfected.

More than 75% of online deals are lost to poor picture

We offer two simple solutions to upload your images to be retouched.

Login into your Luxysource account and navigate to Retouch Section, before doing this you must have uploaded your new inventory manually in the add inventory section so it is added into your product list grid. Once complete it will be in your retouch product grid for selection to send automatically to our Dropbox account where we will start working on it immediately. In the retouch section you will see your daily count of images sent for retouch and can click on the Dropbox link to down load your retouched images. It is important when signing up/registration to use your business email so we can easily identify your Dropbox folder. Retouch process.png

You may also simply create your own Dropbox account and upload your photos their first before adding it onto your LS product list and share us your drop box link. Once its complete we will email you back the retouched link. We ask that you categorize each retouch job per day by its date in your Dropbox so we can prioritize and know exactly which folder to work on.