Our service is provided by membership subscriptions, sale success fee structures catered independently with zero charges for listing and managing your inventory, socializing and messaging with Luxysource.

Every company has goals and wants to grow exponentially over time. Our system and membership access provides solutions for small to large scale businesses. We can even do the work for you and all you have to do is be the supplier for the demand of your products and customers, social followers and overall business e-commerce needs. Expand your horizon and reach new heights, sell in multiple luxury platforms from one place.


Why Basic Plan $299.99?

Inventory Management, Website sync (Magento site to Luxysource), Order review and Management, Social Media & Text, CRM and Dealer Tools such as auto catalog creation and finally basic Cognition Support.

$299.99/ month

Why Standard Plan $799?

Includes all in basic plan but also includes all inclusive platforms, access to public Luxysource auctions, unlimited photo retouching for all products, Discounted 24/7 Cognition Support. On average this plan will provide you a cost avoidance of approximately ~$900 a month/ $11,420 per year! That is a jewelers booth rent for a year in comparison.

$799/ month

Why Luxury plan $1499?

One stop shop, white glove services which includes all of basic and standard features but also includes access to create private auctions for your clients and customers from your CRM contact list, unlimited cognition support, video app (Private streaming) never published on the internet for secret dealings and sharing of products between you and your customers, dedicated apple app for your video streaming application, above all we do all the work for you! photos, listings , sku, tagging and shipping when sold. On Average this is a cost avoidance of approximately ~$30,000 per year!

$1499/ month